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The Beginner's Guide to Cartilage Piercing & Solid Gold Earrings

The Beginner's Guide to Cartilage Piercing & Solid Gold Earrings

The Beginner's Guide to Cartilage Piercing & Solid Gold Earrings

It's finally here — 18ct solid gold earrings crafted to perfection and designed with the perfect fit for your helix piercings. Whether you're new to the trend or already a seasoned cartilage piercing enthusiast, these pieces will surely level up your jewellery game in an eye-catching way.

From casual everyday styles to bold statement looks, these versatile 18ct pieces offer something for everyone — and making them even more of a must-have is their healing properties. Read on for all the details about these unique gold earrings and why they're sure to become your favourite jewellery!

FAQs About Gold Earrings & Cartilage Piercings

What is Cartilage Piercing? 

A cartilage piercing is any piercing that isn't done on the ear lobe. Several variations include helix, forward helix, daith, tragus, conch and rook piercings. 

Which Piercings Are Compatible With These Earrings? 

Our three new styles — Beaded6mm Solid Gold and Two Tone Hoop — have been designed explicitly for post-healed helix piercings. Whilst they provide an aesthetic addition to any already-pierced ears.

What's The Difference Between Cartilage Piercings and lobe Piercings?

Unlike lobe piercings (which typically involve a softer structure), cartilages contain harder tissue that requires special attention & care. In addition, the healing process can take slightly longer, usually lasting between six months and one year, before the area is fully healed.

Unlike lobe piercings, which can quickly be done using a gun at your local piercing studio on the high street, cartilage piercings must be done with a needle – making the process slightly more involved than other piercings. 

cartilage piercing 18ct solid gold earrings

Does It Hurt To Get A Cartilage Piercing? 

The pain levels associated with getting a cartilage piercing vary from person to person, but rest assured, they will always be less intense than expected! We recommend taking a friend along just in case - having someone there can make all the difference in comfort and overall experience.

What Type of Jewellery Should I Wear For A New Piercing?

To ensure the best results, it's essential that if you have just pierced your ear, then you should wear only flat-back or butterfly-back made from 18ct solid gold during the healing period - this will help prevent reactions caused by bacteria buildup and ease any swelling associated with a fresh piercing.

Why Should I Choose 18ct Solid Gold Jewellery For Healing?

When it comes to cartilage piercing care and healing, times vary from person to person, so opting for 18ct solid gold earrings ensures you get an optimal result every time! In addition, it reduces any reaction risk due to its hypo-allergenic properties and post-piercing inflammation, meaning you won't have to wait as long before changing out your earrings once your piercing has healed. Furthermore, these pieces will last a lifetime, so you can confidently invest knowing you'll get plenty of wear!