About Auric Jewellery



Welcome to Auric Jewellery, the home of individuality and authentic 18ct solid gold! We're a community, a celebration of diversity, and a symbol of sustainable luxury.

Our journey at Auric began with a simple yet revolutionary idea - to redefine what jewellery means to people. We dreamt of creating pieces that would stand by you in every part of your life, from your morning showers to your evening swims. And we did just that with our 18ct Solid Gold pieces, which are your companions and a smart investment.

You see, 18ct solid gold isn't just beautiful; it's a resource that appreciates over time. So, when you invest in our jewellery, you're not just adding another piece to your collection but growing an asset.

In a world where trends change as quickly as they come, we firmly believe that luxury should be timeless and sustainable. That's why we use recycled gold in all our pieces. But sustainability for us doesn't stop at materials. Our designs carry a hint of vintage charm, blended seamlessly with modern aesthetics, creating pieces that always stay in style.

Quality is more than a promise at Auric; it's our lifestyle. We painstakingly select the finest materials for our pieces and handcraft each one with precision and passion. The result? Jewellery that's not just beautiful but inclusive, made for everyone, regardless of their style preference.

Jewellery, for us, is more than an object—it's a celebration of who you are. It's a reflection of your spirit, your courage, your dreams, and your uniqueness. Whether you're a free-thinker, a go-getter, or a creative soul, there's something for you at Auric.

So join us on our journey and let your true self shine with Auric Jewellery. After all, why blend in when you're born to stand out? Welcome to Auric, where we're rewriting the norms, one jewellery piece at a time.