Earring Clasps; Types, Maintenance, and Caring for Earrings

Earring Clasps; Types, Maintenance, and Caring for Earrings

Have you ever wondered about the variety of earring clasps available and how to keep them in good condition? Our guide covers everything you need to know. We'll discuss how to properly maintain your earring clasps, ensuring they remain secure and comfortable.

Types of Earring Clasps

Let's begin by explaining the different types of earring clasps, their appearance, and their clasping mechanisms.

Butterfly Clasps (Push-Backs)

Butterfly clasps, or push-backs, are commonly used for stud earrings. The stud consists of a straight post that goes through the earlobe and a butterfly-shaped back piece that slides onto the post to hold the earring. These clasps are easy to use and suitable for small and medium studs and light dangles.

Leverback Clasps

Leverback clasps feature a hinged closure that opens and closes like a lever. The post is attached to a curved hook, which goes through the earlobe and snaps into a small notch on the back of the earring. These clasps are popular for dangle and drop earrings, offering a secure and comfortable fit.

Latch back Clasps

Latchback clasps, also known as latch-backs, feature a hinged hoop that opens and closes like a latch. The post is attached to one end of the hoop, and a small cut or groove on the other end receives the post when the earring is closed. These clasps are commonly used for hoop or medium hoop earrings and provide a secure, comfortable fit.


Dome Hoop Earrings

Hinged Clasps

Hinged clasps are a variation of latch-back clasps specifically designed for huggie hoop earrings. These clasps have a hinge mechanism that allows the hoop earring to open and close smoothly. The post is attached to one end of the hoop, and a small hole or groove on the other end clicks the post when the earring is closed. You would normally hear a 'click' sound when these close. 


Putting on Earrings Correctly

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, follow these guidelines for putting on each clasp style:

Butterfly Closure: Hold the stud earring post and gently slide it through your earlobe. Push the butterfly back onto the post until it sits snugly against your ear. Be careful not to push too hard, as this may cause misalignment.

Leverback Clasps: Open the lever, insert the hook through your earlobe, and snap the lever shut to secure the earring. Make sure the lever is fully closed to avoid any gaps.

Latchback Clasps: Open the round hoop and slide the post through your earlobe. Close the hoop by snapping the post into the cut or groove. Ensure the latch is fully closed for a secure fit.

Hinged Clasps: Open the hoop earring and insert the post through your earlobe to put on the earring. Then, close the huggie hoop by clicking it together until it clicks into the groove. Make sure the earring is securely closed.

Earrings Maintenance Tips

To maintain your earrings and their clasps, follow these detailed tips:

General Earring Care

  • Clean your earrings regularly with a soft cloth or gentle jewellery cleaner.
  • Store earrings separately to avoid tangling or scratching.
  • Remove earrings before swimming, showering, or sleeping to prevent damage or loss.


Tips for Fixing Misaligned Earrings Clasps

Butterfly Clasps

If the butterfly back becomes loose and doesn't grip the post securely, gently pinch the two circular metal sides together using your fingers or tweezers to tighten its grip on the post. 

Leverback Clasps

Check that the hinge functions properly and the closure securely snaps into place. If the hinge becomes loose or misaligned, gently adjust it using small pliers or tweezers by carefully bending the hook up or down until it aligns correctly and snaps securely into place.

Latch back Clasps

Ensure the latch is functioning correctly and snaps securely into place. If the latch is not closing securely, use small pliers or tweezers to gently squeeze the cut or groove where the hinge post clicks into. This should help it snap into place more securely.

Hinged Clasps

If the post becomes misaligned, making it difficult to close the earring securely, gently push it up or down towards the groove closure using your hands or tweezers. When closing the earring, ensure the post hinge is straight and aligned with the receiving hole or groove. Ensure this step is done gently, as the post can break from the earring.


Handbook on Earring Clasps and Their Care


Handbook on Earring Clasps and Their Care


By following this guide, you'll be well-equipped to accessorise, care for, and protect your studs or hoop earrings, ensuring they remain secure, comfortable, and in excellent condition. 


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