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How to Stack Real Gold Necklaces

How to Stack Real Gold Necklaces

How to Stack Real Gold Necklaces

It's been said that a yellow gold pendant necklace for women is the ultimate accessory. They're versatile, timeless, and never go out of style. Why not wear one every day? Here are some tips for a daytime-friendly real gold necklace for women to make your outfit look its best!

Layering gold jewellery can be a lot of fun, as long as you establish your main piece first. First focus on the top layer, then put accent items that are similarly textured in front or behind it to contrast. If you want to test these tips out for yourself we recommend starting with one texture and adding pieces with different textures until each layer compliments the other.

For instance, if you start with Aria Blue 18ct Gold Pendant Necklace as your top layer, then put on something like pearls or silver next to it for an accent piece. This will help make each of the layers feel more unified and complete.

Establishing one main accessory is key when trying out layering Jewellery techniques. As we mentioned before, start with 18ct gold necklaces for your top layer and then go from there.

How to Pick the Perfect Real Gold Necklace for Yourself

The best jewellery is made of much more than just silver and gold; it's about knowing how to make these materials work together. When you tie (literally or metaphorically) two complementary elements together, the result is something unforgettable—It is good to think about the details of your outfit. They might be small, but they can make a big difference. Or you can add something that makes it look different. It's like if your mom gave you her 18ct gold fine jewellery and you wear it too! With gold necklaces, especially those that are real gold and designed for women versatile as they are timelessly elegant, there's always room in your wardrobe for one more piece….or two.

As for advice: Never stop at one! When it comes to chain necklaces, there’s no such thing as too many.

Our Tips For Choosing A Real Gold Necklace

Consider the Texture 

Gold necklaces come in smooth and textured varieties that add dimensionality depending on what you are wearing (the smoother chains work well under lightweight fabrics). For those who prefer pendants, these styles might also interest you.

Consider the Material 

18ct gold is 75% pure, making it a versatile jewellery choice that will never look outdated - it has a yellow/champagne hue making it perfect for any occasion.

Consider the Colour

Don't forget to consider what gold you want in your stacking. We make 18ct real gold necklaces for women, in yellow gold, rose gold, and not forgetting white gold.

Consider the Length: 

Chain Lengths range from 16" - 36" with half-inch increments. There is no wrong answer here as the 16" chain length can be worn alone or with other gold chains for different looks which adds lots of versatility to your collection.

Consider the Finish: 

Necklaces for women come in high polished, semi-polished, and matte varieties. The smoothness of the surface determines how they will feel against your skin as well as what they can be worn with.

Consider Anchor your Stack

We would recommend adding a gemstone to your real gold necklace stack. Perhaps you want to end with a 17 or 18 -inch pendant necklace with white gemstone.

Consider the Pendant

On top of varying lengths and styles of necklaces, you'll want to consider what shapes and sizes are best suited to your look. We offer a variety of real gold necklaces with pendants and styles in both drop, curved, square. 

If you're looking to start stacking, it's best to first find your favorite necklace. To do so, wear a short, textured chain over an extra-long or long-chain as accents. Add an 18-inch long chain, and you are good to go.

The best way to put together a stacking set is by starting with your favourite piece and layering it with similar, but less showy pieces. For example, if you like wearing lots of necklaces or gold bracelets (we definitely do!), start simple and finish the look with a few pieces that have the same hue.

18ct Solid Gold Jewellery for Women's everyday


If you are looking at adding gold necklaces to your collection, we recommend adding different lengths and textures as accents to any look. These can include longer, thicker chains for anyone who likes bolder pieces. You might consider adding a few pendants or shorter strands to build out your collection, which is your own personal style.

Remember: the possibilities are endless with real gold necklaces! Stack away; just make sure each necklace is unique.

Wear your real gold necklace solo too. They come with a matching pendant attached to the chain, so you don't have to worry about pairing it with anything else.