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Discover the Benefits of Slow Fashion in Jewellery

Discover the Benefits of Slow Fashion in Jewellery

Discover the Benefits of Slow Fashion in Jewellery

Slow fashion has recently started as a movement inspired by the slow food movement against fast-food chains that promote a non-sustainable and unhealthy lifestyle. In the past few years, we have seen a rise in slow fashion for clothing and jewellery.It's not just about what you wear but how you buy it, the effect that has on society and, the environment. Slow fashion is all about buying fewer clothes or accessories however made of higher quality. It's also about being mindful of where your clothing and jewellery comes from as well as who made it and where it ends up after you have used it. The slow movement encourages consumers to buy less but better quality garments; looking back on their wardrobes every season instead of purchasing new each time.

There are many factors to consider when talking about slow fashion. Whether we are discussing clothing or Jewellery brands, these factors apply. Keep on reading to learn about slow fashion and understand why sustainability is important.


The Rise of Slow Fashion- What Is It-

Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion Movement

In the past few years, we have seen a rise in "slow" or mindful shopping movement when it comes to apparel and jewellery; looking back on your wardrobes every season instead of purchasing new each time.

The slow Fashion movement encourages consumers to take their time when shopping and invest in high-quality garments that last longer which means less demand and so eventually less waste. Slow fashion also doesn’t mean something which is several hundred pounds will last a long time, this is more relevant if the quality is overlooked.

The factor here is, of course, durability.  Slow fashion clothing is made to last so it does not need to be replaced as often. It will still look good even after a few washes and wears, as opposed to fast-fashion clothes that start looking threadbare at the seams or have snagged threads from repeated use.

Many brands are now partnering with organisations to help make sustainable garments by providing training for men and women in developing countries on how best to create high-quality items without harming their environment through unsustainable production practices.

While this movement may seem slow when compared to fast food, the idea of taking time and being mindful about what you buy is one worth practicing.


Why is Slow Fashion Important?

We have lived in the consumption era which in result has created huge piles of waste that never seem to go away. The production and distribution process for fast fashion leaves no room for the environment or workers’ rights.

Slow fashion is not just about buying fewer clothes, but also buying better-quality pieces that will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Learn more what makes gold jewellery sustainable

The better you take care of your clothing or jewellery, the longer it lasts which means less waste in landfills and more money saved on continually replenishing one's wardrobe with new items every season.

If you value quality over quantity, then the slow fashion movement may be your answer. Slow fashion is a movement against fast-fashion chains and promotes sustainable & healthy living in an environmentally friendly way.


why - slow fashion- is worth adopting-

Is Slow Fashion Better Quality?

Slow fashion brands take pride in their workmanship as all of the items they make are handmade by artisans who care about the product they create. You get what you pay for! The individuality of each item speaks volumes to our desire for something unique or made specifically for us. With fast fashion, every piece looks like the next one and we often find ourselves feeling more self-conscious than when wearing something handcrafted from natural fibres with attention given to fit and design details tailored just for us.

When buying jewellery, it's important to buy jewellery made from recycled gold and also from brands that do not bulk produce. Brands that produce one-off pieces are the best for slow fashion and in general.

The gold and diamonds mining industries can be harmful to the environment if good practises are not in place therefore you should buy jewellery made from recycled gold and sustainable diamonds.


Slow Fashion and Sustainable Fashion at Auric Jewellery

Auric Jewellery is a people’s brand that makes sustainable jewellery from responsibly sourced materials. We have been in business for 4 years and are committed to the restoration of our natural environment, community engagement, ethical labour practices, and transparency around costs. Our customers tell us they love wearing their Auric pieces knowing they're part of an authentic story about how we make them - not simply buying unquestioned goods made by someone who doesn't know where it came from or under what conditions.

We produce a limited number of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and gold chains; as we believe that this alone helps to create a dynamic and sustainable process.

We use 100% recycled gold in our 18ct solid gold jewellery.