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Styling Tips with Gold Stud Earrings

Styling Tips with Gold Stud Earrings

Styling Tips with Gold Stud Earrings

When you want to feel beautiful, make it easy by pairing our solid gold stud earrings with your look-book capsule wardrobe. Solid Gold Stackable Stud Earrings can help you design a one-of-a-kind jewellery collection. The best part is that you may have fun mixing and matching your earrings. We've put together three unique looks for you to recreate.

Stacked 'n' Textured Gold Studs

Stacked 'n' textured: Choose a trio of small earrings that aren't identical but are similarly shaped. They don't have to match precisely in hues or size-in fact, it's totally OK if they're different shapes and sizes (think triangle with a ball drop) as long as they all share one commonality, such as an 18ct Solid Gold hue. Use the same shade of solid gold studs and different hues of earrings-for example, gold with rose or white, to play up the jewellery's casual look and feel.

The Artful 'matched set'

The artful 'matched set': Build your outfit around two similar stud earrings-say, a pair of solid gold hoops and tiny bar small stud earrings for a second hole. Find something subtle that unites them, like the same shape or metal, for easy pairing with other pieces. For an edgier feel, especially what is loved in the UK, try mismatched styles in the same hues family (the more significant the difference between each piece, the better).

A Matched Pair of Gold Studs and Hoops

A matched pair: Anytime you see stud earrings, especially in 18-carat real gold with hanging pieces, it's usually meant to be worn solo. So if your look includes one of these gold earrings, here's the rule to follow: Wear just the stud earrings when you're going for an understated casual outfit-it'll help balance out the statement piece. Otherwise, add a pair of studs or small gold hoops with drop earrings to make the look work for more formal events. 

You'll only discover real gold earrings for women at Auric Jewellery, designed by women, especially for women. Versatile fine jewellery, step out differently every day with our selection of studs, midi hoops or delicate dangling drops.


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